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Splash-fm plays the Best Variety of the 80s and More...

It's the perfect choice for At-Work listening - 

no matter where or when you work.


Splash-fm plays the Best Variety of the 80s and More...

and here's proof -

the last 10 songs that played on Splash-fm.

Whether you work outside the home or take care of the home and family all day, when the workday is over, it's "your time". It's that time to relax and refresh and make your way into Dreamtime.

Set your sleep timer. We don't mind if you fall asleep listening to Dreamtime, because we'll be there for you in the morning with an upbeat variety of the 80s and More to get your day started out right.

Dreamtime airs Sunday through Thursday from 9pm to 3am (Eastern)





Love this station!!! Have the station on at work everyday. So happy I found this station!” - G. R., USA

“You are playing every good band from the 80s that I know!” - Ann, USA 

“I like your mix of tunes. Not the usual playlists of other stations.

Great listening. The variety is fantastic.” - Doug, UK

"I give your station two thumbs up! " - Nick, USA

"I really like this station a lot" - Ben, USA

"You sound great!" - Todd, USA

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